Why it Gets Easier
Written by Viktor Jiracek on Oct. 29th 2019
Here’s a secret in real estate.

Not many people know it or realize it. 

But I’ll tell it to you right now.

It gets easier.
The more deals you do.

It gets easier.

Going from your first deal.
Going from deal #6 to deal #7.

The latter is the easier option.


Because you’re able to utilize resources over and over again.

Your hard money lender already has your documents. So you don’t need to send those over again.
Your painters, flooring folks, etc know what you want and look for.
The design you used on property #1 can be used on property #7.

There’s more. There’s much more.

Your property manager will give you a volume discount.
Your insurance company will give you a volume discount.
You can pursue a portfolio refinance and get a better interest rate.

There’s also the psychological aspect to it all.
It starts to become really fun.

It’s like you’re conducting an orchestra.
And everyone has their instruments tuned.
They’re well trained and ready to go.

The deals you find will bring music to your ears.
But if you’re just getting started…
Just worry about getting the first deal done.

That’s all that matters.
That should be the sole focus of your existence.
To go from zero to one.

When you get that one…
Then you’re a real estate investor.
For real now.

Not just on your linkedin profile.
But in reality.

You have an asset that is giving you a return on your money.
Hopefully it’s cashflowing a good amount.

or you've added one flip underneath your belt. 
That you can show off to potential private money lenders to get more funding for your flips. 

So get after it. And do it again.

Viktor Jiracek

Viktor Jiracek helps people start and grow their real estate investing businesses. He is an expert at helping people get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
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