Flip Talk with Don Costa
Here's what we Cover:
  •  The baby steps you can take when starting out flipping houses
  • ​The hang-ups of non-successful people
  • Some of the marketing tools you can use
  • ​Getting into the right mindset

REI Marketing Weekly with Josh Culler
Here's what we Cover:
  •  Should I whole sale or Fix & Flip?
  • ​Better negotiating tips!
  • ​The importance of building sustainability
  • ​How to build a relationship with a wholesaler and how it is beneficial!  
Unstoppable REI Wealth with Billy Alvaro
Here's what we Cover:
  • Viktor’s start of entrepreneurship
  • ​How Viktor got by through his ventures before Real Estate
  • ​The answer to deal searching
  • ​Why Knowing your Numbers is Key
  • Why is a relationship with a wholesaler beneficial?
  • ​Understanding how you don’t need money to start Flipping
Bags to Riches with Zach Ginn
Here's what we Cover:
  • Wholesaling vs Flipping
  • ​How Viktor Got Started
  • How to Get Started in Real Estate ASAP
How to... Property! Podcast with Ryan Luke
Here's what we Cover:
  • UK flipping strategy vs. US flipping
  • Eviction/Home owner Protection
  • ​Renting vs. Flipping
  • ​Corona Eviction Challenges
Agent Authority Podcast with Martin Elefant (Episode #3)
Here's what we Cover:
  • Buy, Flip, Sell & Let go!
  • Using Property management
  • Why the Money is the Easy Part
  • ​Formula to Buy Properties and Never Lose
Pave the Way Podcast with Greg Helbeck (Episode #118)
Here's what we Cover:
  • Cracking the Code to Investment
  • How Facebook is beneficial for investors 
  • Rehab and Construction management
  • ​Viktor's First Deal
  • ​Why wholesaling isn't THE BEST 1st option
Invested Agents with Chris Bounds
Here's what we Cover:
  • How Viktor is Beating the Competition
  • ​Where Viktor is Finding the Best Deals
  • ​How Viktor Sources his Deals
  • ​Why Rural Properties have so much potential
Deal Closers Podcast with Anette Talie (Episode #44)
Here's what we Cover:
  • The Effectiveness of Cold-Calling
  • Why is Negotiating a principle
  • Relating Pricing and why having comparables is important
  • ​What is Wholesaling
Real Estate Money School with  Chris Naugle
Here's what we Cover:
  • How to get your First Deal
  • ​Key to Finding Good Contractors
  • ​Where Viktor is finding flips in this market
  • ​How investors can position themselves ahead of the storm
Turn Your Life Around with Lillian So Interivew
Here's what we Cover:
  • What made Viktor go from a full ride Scholarship to Entrepreneurship
  • Why Following your Mentor's advice is important
  • Marketing Methods
  • ​How to Find Your Passion
Real Estate Entrepreneurs with Ricardo Rosales
Here's what we Cover:
  • Let your ego behind
  • ​Big dot, little dot technique
  • ​Listen to your Mentors
Al Nicoletti Show with Al Nicoletti 
Here's what we Cover:
  • The Artistic Style of Building The Flip.
  • ​Why Probate is the best niche?
  • ​Essential people skills
  • ​The Secret Sauce to building trust with sellers
Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Gualter Amarelo
Here's what we Cover:
  • How Viktor Got Started into Real Estate
  • ​How You Can Get Started in Real Estate As Well
  • ​Why Mindset is Key
Rocket REI Live with Michael McDonald
Here's what we Cover:
  • Why Viktor Dropped out of College
  • ​Why Viktor Got into Real Estate
  • ​How Viktor got a $54k net profit deal
The Wrestling with Real Estate Podcast with Barri Griffiths
Here's what we Cover:
  • How Viktor Got Started in Flipping
  • ​How Viktor Recommends others to get Started
  • ​What would Viktor's Wrestler Name Be
Rob Zweerman Podcast: Entrepreneur Speak Series
Here's what we Cover:
  • Morning Rituals and why they bring out the best in you
  • How to understand Success
  • 3 stages of Real Estate
  • ​Turn key Renovation points
  • ​How to Understand the buyers perspective
That Flipping Deal with Josh & Marlena Dates (Coming Soon)
Here's what we Cover:
  • Coming Soon!
Real Estate Mastery with  Tony Javier (Coming Soon)
Here's what we Cover:
  • Coming Soon!
Real Estate Ads that Work with Rahul Alim (Coming Soon)
Here's what we Cover:
  • Coming Soon!
Multi-Family Real Estate Investing with Stacy & Jen Conkey (Coming Soon)
Here's what we Cover:
  • Coming Soon!
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